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7th February 2016
Andy Brookes passed his assessment game yesterday and is now a full member of the NPUA. Many congratulations from us all in the South and we wish you well in your umpiring career.
3rd February 2016
Passed Assessment
Congratulations to Ray Hipkin who passed his assessment to become a full Leve 2 Umpire Coach.
6th January 2016
Important message for people with Yahoo email addresses
Currently system emails, including those for appointments, are being blocked by Yahoo and not being received by the recipient. Please check your personal area of the website for your appointments.
5th January 2016
Indoor Congratulations
Congratulations to Ruth Busse who has been nomination to NPUA as a candidate for the indoor programme. We wish her good luck in her National League tournament this weekend.
14th December 2015
Indoor Upgrades
Congratulations to the following umpires who have been upgraded following recent performances in the indoor programme:

Men's Panels
Lee McEvoy - Grade 1
Mark Rutherford - Grade 1
Julian Warburton - Grade 1
Conor Carmody - Grade 2
Nigel Buckley - Grade 2

Women's Panels
Jason Holcombe - ...
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28th November 2015
Congratulations to Bridget Midwinter who today fulfilled her 100th appointment as umpire support.

Great achievement, well done.
Slight Change to Small Screen System
For those that use it, there is a slight change to the small screen system.
In the past you have been able to store your member ID number and password as part of the URL to log in to the small screen system.
The URL could, in theory, be intercepted by someone who might then be able to guess your ...
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23rd November 2015
David James
David has decided to hang up his coaching hat - after many years firstly as an umpire and then as a coach for SCHUA. The Officers would like to thank him for his loyalty and hard work on behalf of the Association - I am sure many of you have had the pleasure of umpiring with him or received the ...
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11th October 2015
SCHUA is now on Twitter
SCHUA has now joined the Twitosphere. Follow us on @SCHUAhockey
4th October 2015
Jane Hallett
Jane passed her assessment yesterday and is now a full member of NPUA. Many congratulations from all your colleagues and good luck with your future umpiring career.

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