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30th NovNew member

Congratulations to Holly Redpath from Middlesex HUA who passed her Level 2 assessment on Saturday. A warm welcome to Holly as a full member of SCHUA.

20th NovInternational recognition

Congratulations to Sean Edwards & Rebecca Woodcock who have recently been promoted as FIH International outdoor umpires.

20th NovCongratulations

Well done to Arevinth Sarma who passed his assessment for NPUA yesterday. We wish him well in his NPUA career but still hope to see him umpiring for us in the South.

7th NovCongratulations and Welcome

Congratulations to Alan Dow and James Bartrip who recently passed their assessments and are now full members of SCHUA. Well done.

17th OctParking at Oxford University

A parking permit is now required at Iffley Road, as the University have restricted who is/isn't allowed to park there. It has recently been agreed that the team captain will arrange for the umpires to have a permit, by providing names to Reception, who will then issue the permits on request. This information should be included in the usual match confirmation email - if not, please ensure you press them to sort this out for you.It is not acceptable for them to simply tell you to park out on the street somewhere. Any issues, please contact either Steve Godwin or Bridget Midwinter.

16th OctThieves about in Oxford.

Oxford University & Oxford Hawks have both reported that thefts have occurred in the vicinity of their home pitches. Please be extra careful and watchful.

16th OctNew member

Congratulations to Stuart McConachie from Sussex HUA who recently passed his assessment and has been accepted for membership.

3rd OctTwitter

We are seeking to raise the profile of the association and umpiring in general. Our twitter account is @SCHUAhockey and is managed by Steve Godwin.There are regular posts on umpiring related matters and interaction with umpires, other HUA's, players and clubs. Please have a look, sign up and join in. Please remember to follow our social media policy when posting and "think before you tweet" No abuse, bad language or controversy please and strictly hockey only.

3rd OctNew members

Congratulations and a warm welcome to Ryan Croxon, Glyn Jones, Elysee Laporte and Phil Pitt who have all recently passed their assessments and have been accepted for membership.

3rd OctWelcome back

A warm welcome back to our Women's outdoor panel to Steve Curnock, Martyn Shuttler, Liz Spencer and James Thompson. This is a welcome boost to our numbers.

3rd OctCongratulations

Neil Smith has made a prompt return to NPUA having recently passed his assessment. We still hope to see Neil umpiring for us from time to time.

21st SepNew suggested mileage functionality in expense feedback form

Our technology partner, Tex Solutions, has rolled out an excellent new tool to save members time and effort when completing their mileage expense claims for SCHUA appointments! Here's what's new...
When you enter your expense claim after an appointment, the SCHUA web system will suggest the return mileage for the most likely route - not necessarily the shortest, but almost always the quickest - from your home address to the match venue. If you're happy with this mileage, just enter it into your mileage claim and you're done!
If, on the other hand, you need to claim higher mileage for a valid reason, please do so and then give a short written explanation in the free text box at the end of the expenses claim form.
The system will enable the Treasurer to send a standard email to your registered email address if, for any reason, the claim appears to have been completed incorrectly. You will then have 14 days to drop the Treasurer a note to either correct the claim or to explain the additional mileage, after which time the claim will automatically be amended to show the expected mileage.
If you have any questions as to how the system works after trying it for the first time, do feel free to drop the Treasurer a quick email.
Now you have one less thing to worry about on Saturdays, the SCHUA Management Committee hopes you'll have more time to enjoy what promises to be a cracking 2017/18 season!

18th SepRadios requiring repair

The process if an umpire's radio develops a fault is as follows

Go to (see link below) and follow the instructions. There may be an amount of £25 payable by the umpire, but if the issue is found to be a fault with the radio, this will be refunded.

There appears to be a common complaint that the Jabra headsets lose connection during a game and either all communication is lost, or communication only works in one direction. This may be an issue with the compatibility between the Jabra 2.5mm plug and the socket on the radio, or may be a faulty Jabra. In both cases the supplied boom headset and microphone will usually work.

Ian Anguige

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22nd JanProcedure for cancelled fixtures

Ideally, the home club will have called you before you set off from home: in this case, please go straight to your Personal Area, confirm the match as cancelled AND enter a zero expense claim. The sooner you do this, the less hassle for Allan & me - thanks!
If you do not get the call before you set off, please make sure you have your phone accessible in case you get a call en route (in which case, please pull over at the first opportunity and check messages). Once you've been informed of the cancellation, turn round and, once home, enter your Personal Area, mark the match as cancelled, enter your mileage expenses for the aborted journey and email me ( to confirm the time you received the call and any other details you feel I need to know as soon as possible . This is important as it will have an impact on whether SCHUA decides the club should be charged for the rearranged fixture (which will not be the case if sufficient notice of cancellation is provided).
In the unlikely event that you travel all the way to the ground only to find the pitch unplayable (and remember, that is the home club's call right up until the first whistle, after which it becomes your call on the grounds of safety. NEVER advise either team that you think the pitch is not playable before the start of the match!), then you should repeat the above procedure upon your return home, making sure to email me to confirm the details and timings of the day's events asap. In such a case, the home club will almost certainly be charged for the rearranged fixture.
Cheers, Matt (Treasurer)

2nd Oct (2014)Social Media usage - a reminder

The Officers would like to remind everyone about conducting appropriate Social Media usage with respect to posts on the internet concerning hockey related issues.

We would to ensure that everyone "thinks before they posts" and that all content is checked to ensure no person or organisation or team is abused in any way and that all posts are considerate and appropriate to the situation. For example, we would like to promote and encourage a discussion on the phone with a member of the committee rather than a post-match rant on the internet!!

Remember that all posts on Social Media and all emails are also subject to UK libel laws. Always think to yourself before you post your message - "would I say this message in person?" and "would I be happy to see a post about myself on this situation?" If not, then it simply shouldn't be posted.

The link to the EH guideline for Social Media is in the SCHUA handbook and also below this news item.

Ruth Busse
Hon Secretary SCHUA

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