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Welcome to the South Young Umpiring section of the website.

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Recent News Items ...

31st May 2019
NPUA C Panel Leads

The growth of the national league has inevitably led to the intake of umpires into the NPUA from the Regions. To help facilitate umpire progression to L3 and into the NPUA, the “Vision in Umpiring” group and NPUA have been working hard to develop a C Panel.

The C Panel has been recruited by ...
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NPUA Appointments Administrator

Due to the growth of the National League ahead of the 2019/20 season, the NPUA have been working with the “Vision in Umpiring” (made up of representatives from EH and the Regional HUAs) on how to service the new enlarged National League ahead of the season. Following a very tough recruitment ...
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21st May 2019
South young umpires success for NYUPL

Congratulations to Myles Edwards, Darragh Woods, and Sam Church for passing their NYUPL assessments on the 11-12 May at Reading. They will join a growing list of NYUPL umpires from the South young umpires programme. All look forward to joining SCHUA in the near future.

10th April 2019
Indoor Promotions

Congratulations to the following umpires who achieved promotion in the 2018/19 Indoor season:
Men’s Panel
Conor Carmody to NPUA Candidate
Graeme Cooke to Grade 1
Ryan Croxon to Grade 1 & nominated to NPUA for Junior events
Howard Chaplin-White to Grade 1
Tim Forte to Grade 2
Stephen ...
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2nd April 2019
A note of thanks to all

As we draw to the close of yet another season, I thought I would write to say thank you to all for your support this year. As predicted at South Day, this year has been quite tough, with a fair amount of uncertainty surrounding things like the London League, and next season’s expanded ...
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More new members

Congratulations and welcome to four more new members who have recently passed their Level 2 assessments. Marc Bransby, Bill Carr, Les Cooke, and Stuart Wise.

27th March 2019
New members

Welcome to all the new members who have passed assessments for Level 2 since January.
Surinder Bodwal, Matthew Goldsworthy, James Haworth, Peter Hodgson, Paul Meacher and Chris Rockingham. Welcome back to Michael Bowling.


Well done to Simon Carr and Alex Nelson who passed their Level 3 assessments recently and are now members of NPUA joining a number of colleagues who have passed since the turn of the year.
Thanks to all the dedicated members of our development team for helping in the success of our umpires.

Promotions to Grade 1 Panels

Congratulations to Jade Bloomfield, Grant Hunt, Peter Mackintosh and Andy Mansfield who have all been promoted to the Men's Grade 1 Panel and to Colin Reed who has been appointed to Grade 1 on the Women's Panel.

11th December 2018
Urinating at the side of a hockey pitch

The below message has come from the EH Ethics and Compliance team:
We are seeing an increasing number of complaints regarding urinating at the side of the pitch. As we are sure you will all agree, this behaviour is not only unpleasant but also a contravention of the EH ‘Respect – Code of ...
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This is the South Young Umpiring Home Page.
The Fixtures page shows all youth events in the area, along with information about who will be organising umpires for each match or event.
South Young Umpiring Appointment Policy

England Hockey have specific recommendations regarding young umpires officiating senior hockey matches, as follows ...

"It cannot be emphasised enough that England Hockey recommends that U18 umpires,
other than those approved by the NYUAG and RYUAGs, do not umpire adult matches
unless supervised by appropriately qualified and checked coaches/mentors.
Welfare precautions should ensure the deployment of young umpires to games
appropriate to their stage of development."

Southern Counties Hockey Umpires' Association, and specifically the South RYUAG, support this policy fully.
Any appointments of young umpires to senior or junior matches will only be made
after careful consideration of the abilities, welfare and development needs of any young umpires concerned.

The Young Umpiring Information Page shows all the other information about the Regional Action Group and all the information and documents needed for young umpires in the area.
It also shows the information and documents needed for adults working with young umpires in the area.

This page includes information on the following ...

The Single System


RYUAG Job Descriptions

Guidance for Coaches and Mentors

Interactive System by...
Tex Solutions